Friday, July 31, 2009

SIP 15th anniversary

More memorable photos...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SIP 15th celebrations photos memory lane

The exectuive committee of the Spore-Suzhou Club, formed by a group of Singaporeans who have worked or involved in the Suzhou Indistrial Park over the years, came together to organise the gala-dinner to celebrate the SIP 15th anniversary on 9 May 09. In addition, we also got a very good support of CPG Steven and colleague to help us produce a very meaningful SIP vdieo over a short span of 4 weeks:-)

see from the beginning of the preparation till the end over the few blogging from now on........

please enjoy our heartworks and the fun and happy reunion moments at the warmth 15th anniversary gala dinner held in Ritz Carlton Hotel Singapore on 9 May 09:-)

Monday, July 6, 2009

SIP 15th anniversary May 2009

Two significant events were staged in Singapore and Suzhou to celebrate the 15th anniversary of SIP project in May 09

The Singapore Suzhou Club organised the Gala Dinner in Ritz Carlton Hotel on 9 May 09 with MOH Minister Khaw and Suzhou Mayor as GOH.

The Suzhou Government and SIPAC organised a thank-you dinner on 8 May with photo exhibition and Kun Opera Peony Pavilion debut in Esplanade. Subsequently, another big celebration with MM and Chinese VP Wang Qishan as GOH in Suzhou on 26 May 09.

See the SIP 15th anniversary photo exhibition in Esplanade in May 09

the historical moments captured in the anniversay publication
The 15th anniversary coffee table book Unison 圆融

SIP has its own stamp Unison designed by Singapore artiste Sun Yu Li

see the signature by the artiste

SIP 15th anniversary -four pieces of silver coin depicting the four key icon in SIP today - Unison, mini Bird's Nest, Chong Yuan Temple and Jinji Lake bridge in SIP