Sunday, August 22, 2010


Recently, SM Goh has revised the 5Cs dream for Singaporeans: Career, Comfort, Children, Charitible, Considerate. The old 5Cs Dream are Career, Credit Card, Car, Condominum, and Country Club. Even if we cannot have all the 5 Cs, we can still lead a happy, satisfying and meaningful life.

After going thru a week of enlightenment over career change, I feel and view that the following 5Hs dream will be better for myself and some good friends who share the same thoughts as mine

The 5Hs dream are: Health, Hope, Happiness, Home, Hobby.

Only when we have a heaLthy body with healthy hobby, then we can have hope and happiness, establish a home for us to live in a harmonious society.

Happiness is key to people within a family, organisation and nation.

A happy leader produces happy staff and environment. If a leader cant lead and dont know how to create a happy environment and make his staff happy, then everybody will be mniserable. Staff in return will also need to put in efforts to create a conducive environment and produce results. Same things apply to family and society.