Sunday, June 27, 2010

Confucius' in town

Was fortunate to be invited for the dinner reception in Euqunoix Swissotel Hotel on 26 Jun 2010 with the 120 directors from the 52 Confucius Institutes (CI) in Asia with the highlight of listening to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew on his tips in learning Chinese Lauguage. The sharing session by MM Lee was so candid, it was a very rare occasion to see MM Lee talking in such a relax mood with down-to-earth responses. You got to be there to experience and enjoy it, no wonder nowsadays we all talk about the popular term of "experience economy" and experiential enjoyment.

Was also delighted to make new friends from Thailand (Ms Sutipporn), Korea (Jaewoo), Philippines (Ellen) and Japan (南部捻)who are directors of CI in their respecitve countries/cities. Suprisingly that some of them speak such fluent Mandarin, the most impressive person was the one from South Korea, Jaewoo Choo of Kyung Hee University who has studied in Beijing University (basic degree to MBA) for 7 years and had worked and stayed in various part of the continent including USA, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan etc. Have got with sharing with him and Sutipporn who is so easy to get along like a sister, was a french teacher before and now studying PHD and working at the same time.
The dinner was wonderful and we enjoyed the appetite (coctail of raw marinated Tasmanian Salmon with Tosa zu jelly, sesame cured wakame cucumbers and mirin vinegar sabayon) and deesert alot!
At the same time, also get to know a young PRC Diplomat Guo Jing and Beijing Foreign Studies University executives Sabrina and Chinese Lei who speak fluent English and offering translation and interpretation services at conferences.

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