Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gone too soon - Ken

July was not too good a month as witnessed the sudden death of a creative colleague Ken (7 Jul 2010, he became Singapore citizen in Jun 2010). It is quite amazing to have a Malaysian who was so deeply in love with Singapore and helped to promote Singapore in his uniquely singapore way. If he were not recruited by neo chian in 2003 for this job, then maybe we all dont share this unforgetable story, sights and sound about Uniquely Singapore. It is really 非常新加坡。

I worked with him closely during CAEXPO in 2005 and 2006, to showcase Uniquely Spore offerings at the singapore pavilion in Nanning. That was the first 2 years of CAEXPO and STB was the lead agency for the design content of the exhibition. It was an enjoyable working experience.

Subsequenlty, i supported his brand team and China team to showcase Spore at the Singapore Season in Beijing and SHanghai in Oct 2007, I and NAC Kian Ngiap even mangaed to pull through all odds with him to partner Ocean Butterflies to stage the JJ Concerts in Shanghai's Hong Kou Stadium.....very memorial experience.

Attended the memorial service run by his circle of friends in arts at action theatre on 14 July, many close friends and ex colleagues were there including neo chian, chin nam, mei nee touching and sad. Luckily he had so many good friends and a dog named max in this world remembering him and his works......

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